size of inputfield on iOS

Johan Vos johan.vos at
Wed Apr 27 10:30:26 UTC 2016

There was a bug on iOS where the fontsize of the native text inputfield
didn't match the size of the JavaFX TextField in case a custom font size
was used, or in case the component or one of its parents was scaled.

This has been fixed by

I can create an issue on bugs and submit the patch there as well?

However, it seems to me the _requestInput method on Window is only really
used on iOSWindow. All the others (MonocleWindow,...) throw an
UnsupportedOperationException. The patch above modifies the signature of
the _requestInput method on all implementation classes, which is a bit
silly as those methods are never used.

Another option is to make _requestInput non-abstract with a void
implementation, and override it on iOSWindow?

- Johan

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