Review request for 8152420 : [WebView] Icon font doesn't work if single page application will be loaded from jar

Guru Hb guru.hb at
Wed Apr 27 17:01:54 UTC 2016

Thanks Dave and Kevin,

Updated Webrev :

Jar destination (build/testing/resources) and followed cssDir way of 
passing the jar location.


Kevin and Dave Sorry for my ignorance.

Reply to my previous review request (JDK-8154186 previous defect sent 
out for review and it's already fixed).

will incorporate the review comments and send out the updated webrev 
(with correct subject: line)


On 27/4/16 8:24 PM, Kevin Rushforth wrote:
Oh I see the problem. This was just sent out with the wrong subject 
line. Please resend with the correct subject line for 8152420 and remove 
the quoted text for the other bug.


-- Kevin

Kevin Rushforth wrote:
Yes, please open a new bug.

-- Kevin

David Hill wrote:
On 4/27/16, 9:56 AM, Guru Hb wrote:
> Hi Dave & Kevin,
> Could you please review updated Unit test case 
> Solution updated in JBS.
Hi Guru,
      JDK-8154186 is closed, so I suspect you will need to open a new 
bug. Kevin will say for sure but I think the new world is one commit/one 
bug id.

     Looking at the changes - the only minor issues I have are:

The new directory build/resources for the jar file. While not a big 
deal, build/testing (perhaps build/testing/resources ?) feels like a 
better home as the jar is for testing purposes. build/testing was added 
with Jigsaw, so you may not have noticed it in your build, but we are 
headed that way

The assumption of a working directory in the test:
      load("jar:" + new File("build/resources/webArchiveJar.jar")
This is /probably/ ok from a sustainability point of view. But there are 
other places where we pass in a property to find stuff in the build tree 
like:          def cssDir = file("$buildDir/classes/main/javafx")
         jvmArgs "",

+1 after consideration of these minor points, and I am OK if they are 
not acted on.


On 4/4/16 11:05 PM, Guru Hb wrote:
> Hi Alexander, Arunprasad & Kevin,
> JBS :
> Webrev :
> Root cause and fix description updated in JBS.
> Thanks,
> Guru

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