Compiling OpenJFX on OpenBSD

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On 8/4/16, 1:51 PM, Turvamies IT Security Services wrote:
> Actually, the problem appears to be with ld rather than g++.
> This thread gave me a hint:
> "ldl is libdl. It is a linuxism. FreeBSD does not have a libdl. The
> same functionality that is in linux's libdl is provided in FreeBSD's
> libc. So you should be able to simply remove -ldl from CFLAGS and try
> compile."
> I know I should edit build.gradle further so that ldl is not included
> in CFLAGS when compiling on OpenBSD, but I have not worked with gradle
> build files and would very much appreciate it if you guys could help me
> out in crafting the proper target definitions for OpenBSD.

The definitions are in buildSrc/linux.gradle

The challenge would be fixing this in a way that would not break the linux builds.

In theory, it would be possible to clone linux.gradle to bsd.gradle, fix the compile line issues in that configuration and then build with


With the change you have done, we would treat the platform as similar to linux, but with a configuration of bsd.

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