Compiling OpenJFX on OpenBSD

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Thu Aug 4 18:05:26 UTC 2016


thanks again for the info!

> The definitions are in buildSrc/linux.gradle


> The challenge would be fixing this in a way that would not break the
> linux builds.

I think the latter option would make a lot more sense.

> In theory, it would be possible to clone linux.gradle to bsd.gradle,
> fix the compile line issues in that configuration and then build with
> gradle -PCOMPILE_TARGETS=bsd
> With the change you have done, we would treat the platform as similar
> to linux, but with a configuration of bsd.

I'll take on this asap, although I'll target OpenBSD specifically.
After all, there are many BSD distributions around (one of them being
Darwin, of course) with many differences between them. I'll refrain
myself to OpenBSD for now. It will be easy to expand from there.

- Jyri
Turvamies IT Security Services

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