Compiling OpenJFX on OpenBSD

David Hill David.Hill at
Thu Aug 4 18:14:36 UTC 2016

On 8/4/16, 2:05 PM, Turvamies IT Security Services wrote:
> Dave,
> thanks again for the info!
>> The definitions are in buildSrc/linux.gradle
> Ok.
>> The challenge would be fixing this in a way that would not break the
>> linux builds.
> I think the latter option would make a lot more sense.
>> In theory, it would be possible to clone linux.gradle to bsd.gradle,
>> fix the compile line issues in that configuration and then build with
>> gradle -PCOMPILE_TARGETS=bsd
>> With the change you have done, we would treat the platform as similar
>> to linux, but with a configuration of bsd.
> I'll take on this asap, although I'll target OpenBSD specifically.
> After all, there are many BSD distributions around (one of them being
> Darwin, of course) with many differences between them. I'll refrain
> myself to OpenBSD for now. It will be easy to expand from there.

Great. If you have questions, I am likely the one to help with this issue, though I have a rather large heap on my plate right now, so response time will vary.

> - Jyri
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