Compiling OpenJFX on OpenBSD

Turvamies IT Security Services info at
Mon Aug 8 04:59:23 UTC 2016

Hi everyone!

Just a heads-up on the "compiling OpenJFX on OpenBSD" front: I've been
busy with some other urgent tasks for few days, but will continue
working with the project until I find a fully functional non-hack

I love OpenBSD for it's strict and clear design and the enforcing of
correct procedures, and although it sometimes (well, basically always)
means having to do some extra work in order to get your stuff compiled,
it's always been worth the trouble. Having OpenJFX available on OpenBSD
would open the door for running many currently unavailable Java based
programs on OpenBSD, so I'm more than willing to share my time to make
it work.

If there are others on this list who would like to actively
participate, I'll be happy to receive help from more experienced
coders. I pretty much know what I'm doing but I'm still much more
talented in the area of [server] systems design than coding/porting.



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