Playing a sound at regular intervals

David DeHaven david.dehaven at
Tue Aug 23 14:15:40 UTC 2016

> We're trying to play a notification sound at a regular interval (every 500ms) in a loop.
> It should sound like "" and not like "" if you know what I mean ;)
> From the JavaDoc we were guessing that an efficient way to do this would be to set cycle count to indefinite on the audio clip / on the media player and call play() once.
> Observations:
> - Cycle count doesn't work for mp3 files. No problem, just use WAV.
> - The playback does not happen at regular intervals. -> not usable in this scenario
> Our solution so far has been to have a scheduled executor which calls every 500 ms. This creates a new thread every time (see stack trace below) and we don't like this approach.

For the moment this is a better solution, until we can get a few internal things fixed in AudioClip.

In the current implementation there will always be at least one new thread created.

There are bugs filed on this already, specifically:

And possibly related:


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