PLEASE READ: Using jcheck with FX repos + no more post-commit reviews

Kevin Rushforth kevin.rushforth at
Thu Aug 25 20:16:37 UTC 2016

All OpenJFX Developers,

As I think most of you know, we are (more slowly than I would like) 
moving towards enabling jcheck for FX repos. This work is tracked by 
JDK-8145561 [1].

As the next step along this path, I have created an OpenJFX "Using 
jcheck" [2] Wiki page with instructions for running jcheck with OpenJFX. 
All committers must read this page before pushing any code to an OpenJFX 
repo. Until we enable jcheck on the server, it will still be a manual 
process -- you have to remember to run 'hg jcheck' before you push, but 
at least this will make it very easy to do so.

Along with the move towards jcheck, and also because we are just about 
to start rampdown phase 1 for JDK 9, we are eliminating the post-commit 
review of OpenJFX changesets. This change is documented on the updated 
OpenJFX "Code Reviews" [3] policy page. This is more in line with policy 
governing the rest of the JDK and is what jcheck requires. This policy 
change is effective Friday, Aug 26 (tomorrow) at noon Pacific time.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

-- Kevin


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