JavaFX XYChart with CategoryAxis Performance Issue

Jonathan Giles jonathan.giles at
Wed Aug 31 21:04:27 UTC 2016

Without a small snippet of code that reproduces the problem, not really. 
If you can create a self-contained test that demonstrates the problem, I 
can take a look at it.

-- Jonathan

On 1/09/16 7:08 AM, Tai Hu wrote:
> I am using JavaFX XYChart to plot some big data set (10000+ points). If both X and Y axis are NumberAxis, my line chart could render in a reasonable time, if I set chart.setCreateSymbol(false). However, if one of axis is a CategoryAxis, then performance is horrible. I think the problem is CategoryAxis creates a tick for each one of 10000+ strings. I already tried to set tick visibility to false, which help a bit, but still too slow. Is there anyway to improve this?
> Thanks,
> Tai

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