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Hi There,

Apologies if the following seems trivial or thats has already been done but:

For our business and customers, we really would like support for having a single jar file that contains jar dependencies and native libraries, without using third party tools, writing custom loaders etc.
It should be possible to have a single jar artefact that re-enforces “write once run anywhere” with its dependencies containing within and available on the class path,  a bit like a war file
I appreciate the jvm cannot be contained within and thats fine I’ll use native packing for this.

Up to now we have had to use third party solutions, like fatjar, onejar, jna etc, or decompress jars and include class files into main jar.
Now I know people are going to shout ’native packaging’ etc, but most of our products just contain java code, and it seems unnecessary complication in most our our deployments to set up our build servers to build on mac, linux and windows just to include a native artefact for each platform, when the actual runtime code doesn't care what platform it is on. 
We do use all these methods across a whole range of products but it would be nice to have the option of producing a self contained jar file to send to our field team regardless of what platform they are on.

Supplying zips with jar and libs folder in it has proven to be problematic with on more than one occasion our field engineers, rightly or wrongly thinking the jar is the executable and taking that from the zip and leaving the everything else behind.

Once again apologies if the is functionality is now already available or coming in java9 that I am not aware of.

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