TableCellSkinBase: columnVisibility/Width should be protected

fastegal at fastegal at
Mon Feb 1 16:58:58 UTC 2016

Zitat von Jonathan Giles <jonathan.giles at>:

> In moving most of the skin code to public API (as part of JEP 253),  
> I worked with the plan of minimising the API as much as possible,  
> and would then spend time this year bringing API back out in a more  
> considered way (as opposed to dumping all skin code, warts and all,  
> into public API and making mistakes). I am happyto make more API  
> public, and have been encouraging people heavily at conferences to  
> start playing with JDK 9 _today_. Your bug is now on my radar - I  
> will look into it ASAP.
> -- Jonathan

shit happens - such as me not being the conference type <g>

Seriously, it's a sound plan. Currently I'm slowly moving my  
experiments to jdk9, stumbling across hidden methods several times per  
day (not everything a bug, just a change)- where do you want feedback?

Thanks and cheers

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