TableCellSkinBase: columnVisibility/Width should be protected

Jonathan Giles jonathan.giles at
Mon Feb 1 23:54:54 UTC 2016

Probably it is best to just email me directly rather than email the list 
multiple times per day. I'll bundle them up and review and make plans on 
what should happen for each. Eventually we'll end up with jira issues - 
which you're welcome to file directly - but I don't mind keeping the 
overhead low until we have logical chunks of work either.

-- Jonathan

On 2/02/16 5:58 AM, fastegal at wrote:
> Zitat von Jonathan Giles <jonathan.giles at>:
>> In moving most of the skin code to public API (as part of JEP 253), I 
>> worked with the plan of minimising the API as much as possible, and 
>> would then spend time this year bringing API back out in a more 
>> considered way (as opposed to dumping all skin code, warts and all, 
>> into public API and making mistakes). I am happyto make more API 
>> public, and have been encouraging people heavily at conferences to 
>> start playing with JDK 9 _today_. Your bug is now on my radar - I 
>> will look into it ASAP.
>> -- Jonathan
> shit happens - such as me not being the conference type <g>
> Seriously, it's a sound plan. Currently I'm slowly moving my 
> experiments to jdk9, stumbling across hidden methods several times per 
> day (not everything a bug, just a change)- where do you want feedback?
> Thanks and cheers
> Jeanette

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