Canvas Clip performance

Philip Race philip.race at
Thu Feb 4 22:52:39 UTC 2016

Java 2D does not (generally) enable D3D on Intel.
We tried for JDK 8 but there were problems and it was disabled again in 
8u40 I think.
JDK 9 EA builds (currently) still have it enabled to help get some 
testing so
if you are running an 8ux release you might want to switch to 9 to get a 
fairer comparison.


On 2/4/16, 2:49 PM, Elric Morgenstern wrote:
> Hi guys,
> I've noticed that clipping performance (Canvas GraphicsContext) is
> extremely bad on an Intel HD graphics chip. One rectangular clip is fine,
> anything beyond that, or a spherical clip shape, will bring the framerate
> to its knees.
> I notice no performance difference on my GeForce system, but on the
> integrated chip my application is basically insufferable.
> The same thing performed with Java2D experiences no performance issues on
> neither system.
> Any ideas?

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