plans to make JavaFX 8 platform independent again?

Stefan Endrullis stefan at
Wed Feb 17 17:19:40 UTC 2016

Dear JavaFX team,

over years one of the key features of Java was its platform independence.  A Java application would run under Windows, Mac OS, and Linux (if well programmed).

Since this is no longer the case.  Once you use the JavaFX Spinner<Integer> component your application will 
still work under Windows, but will crash under Linux.

Since this bug attacks a fundamental feature of Java we expected it to be fixed quite fast and definitely in Java 8.  But now we discover that it's planned to 
be fixed in Java 9 only.
Does this mean that Java 8 is not considered to be platform independent anymore?  Do we have to start deploying different jars for different platforms now?

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Stefan Endrullis

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