plans to make JavaFX 8 platform independent again?

Kevin Rushforth kevin.rushforth at
Wed Feb 17 17:30:50 UTC 2016

Hi Stefan,

Java and JavaFX are platform-independent, so asking whether we will 
"make it platform-independent again" is asking the wrong question. 
Really, your question should be:  can a fix for a serious bug be 
backported to JDK 8 after it is fixed in JDK 9. The answer to that 
question is "yes" for serious bugs and regressions.

What you have discovered in this case is a serious bug that happens to 
affect a single platform. In fact, my reading of the bug is that we are 
just getting lucky on the other platforms. If this turns out to be as 
serious as it seems, then I will bump the priority to P2 and we will 
consider a backport to a JDK 8 update release.

-- Kevin

Stefan Endrullis wrote:
> Dear JavaFX team,
> over years one of the key features of Java was its platform 
> independence.  A Java application would run under Windows, Mac OS, and 
> Linux (if well programmed).
> Since this is no 
> longer the case.  Once you use the JavaFX Spinner<Integer> component 
> your application will still work under Windows, but will crash under 
> Linux.
> Since this bug attacks a fundamental feature of Java we expected it to 
> be fixed quite fast and definitely in Java 8.  But now we discover 
> that it's planned to be fixed in Java 9 only.
> Does this mean that Java 8 is not considered to be platform 
> independent anymore?  Do we have to start deploying different jars for 
> different platforms now?
> Best regards,
> Stefan Endrullis

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