TableCellSkinBase: columnVisibility/Width should be protected

Jonathan Giles jonathan.giles at
Sun Jan 31 19:57:59 UTC 2016

In moving most of the skin code to public API (as part of JEP 253), I 
worked with the plan of minimising the API as much as possible, and 
would then spend time this year bringing API back out in a more 
considered way (as opposed to dumping all skin code, warts and all, into 
public API and making mistakes). I am happyto make more API public, and 
have been encouraging people heavily at conferences to start playing 
with JDK 9 _today_. Your bug is now on my radar - I will look into it ASAP.

-- Jonathan

On 30/01/16 2:14 AM, fastegal at wrote:
> On the move into public, its abstract methods 
> columnVisibility/Width/Property
> changed scope from protected to package - this makes the base class 
> rather useless
> for extension: it's main job is sync'ing the cell's visible property 
> to the
> column's visible property and triggering and doing the cell's layout.
> Both are possible only, if subclasses provide the column properties.
> Would suggest to change scope back to protected. Or any special 
> reasons for
> not doing it?
> Cheers
> Jeanette

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