Scene graph performance

Felix Bembrick felix.bembrick at
Fri Jul 22 10:13:46 UTC 2016

Sorry, take 2.

Thanks - that's very helpful.

I have been concentrating on profiling the Java aspects of FXMark so this gives me more things to try.

I will report back with my findings.



> On 22 Jul 2016, at 19:02, Vadim Pakhnushev <vadim.pakhnushev at> wrote:
>> On 22.07.2016 11:15, Felix Bembrick wrote:
>> Hi Vadim,
>> I am very open-minded about this. Anything is possible (including, as I mentioned, that I wrote FXMark very poorly).
>> Can you help by detailing what tools you use to track CPU/GPU usage?
> I personally use Process Hacker (I'm on Windows) and it's sitting in my tray all the time so I can see exactly what's happening.
> Process Explorer is another very popular task manager replacement with similar features.
> It can show you overall system load as well as individual process's performance graphs including GPU load.
> Vadim

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