issue number JDK-8095131 or issue number JDK-8089225

Sarie Chafiq chafiq.sarie at
Wed Jul 27 07:47:25 UTC 2016

I have resolved the problem doing this :

In my fxml file:


        <ScrollPane fx:id="myScrollPane" id="myScrollPane"
AnchorPane.bottomAnchor="0" AnchorPane.leftAnchor="0"
AnchorPane.rightAnchor="0" AnchorPane.topAnchor="0">


                <TabPane id="myTabPane"

                         fx:id="myTabPane"                          >

tab that should contains my tableView





In java

ScrollPane scrollPane= (ScrollPane) lookup("#"+myScrollPane);

        TabPane tabPane=(TabPane)scrollPane.getContent();

        return  tabPane;

the result is that i can see the table with no row and with a horizontal
scroll bar

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