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On 6/7/16, 6:08 AM, Guillaume sétan wrote:
> Hi,
> I want to use Java with JavaFX on my wandboard but I see that the arm's
> version was unsupported on the website Oracle.
> So I found a other solution OpenJFX.
> But I try 2 things :
> - To download the package with apt-get install, but he can't found
> libopenjfx-jni.
> -To compile OpenJFX but I get this exception "Unknown and unsupportef build
> architecture: arm " ( I have a Linux armv7l).
> Do you have solutions for one of these problems ?

I doubt you would find javafx with apt-get. That would likely be an openjdk build without javafx integrated.

For a quick start, you might try one of the community builds (, making sure that you have JDK version 8 (not 7) installed.

There are some platform notes here too

Oracle is no longer supporting FX on arm platforms, rather relying on a combination of community support with some of my time when I can squeeze it in.

In particular, Oracle is working hard on JDK9 which requires FX to be integrated as part of the JDK. This is a big shift, because with JDK8 we could build/provide FX as an "overlay" onto an existing JDK. Sometime in the next couple of months I do plan on trying an integrated ARM JDK/JFX build to prove it can be done, and will be updating the OpenJFX wiki as I do. I have tried an integrated build on Linux x64, and it does seem to "just work" :-)

Also - never tried the Wandboard. I know it is a varient of the i.MX so likely will just work. Some of the ARM boards are not so easy though.


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