Anyone using JMX with JavaFX?

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Tue Jun 14 11:44:09 UTC 2016

Mario, I would really love to agree with you but then sadly we'd both be wrong.

But thanks for not sending this email just to me "offline" for a change (and for being far more polite)...

> On 14 Jun 2016, at 21:05, Mario Torre <neugens.limasoftware at> wrote:
> On Tue, Jun 14, 2016 at 12:25 PM, Robert Krüger
> <krueger at> wrote:
>> Only regarding the net loss for the community: There are not many places
>> where people trying to defend (and make a living off) Java as a viable
>> desktop technology can try to get information from Oracle and the questions
>> he asks are also the ones we (as an ISV with a Java-based product) would
>> ask, so I do regard them as valuable.
>> Having said that, I understand, however that those things will never get an
>> answer here (never have in the past, having asked such questions myself).
>> Just writing that so Felix does not feel that he's alone with his concerns
>> and to add another data point on the Oracle radar that Houston, we do have
>> a real problem here and quite a few frustrated Java advocates.
> Eh, I thought this thread was finally over...
> This mailing list is definitely not the place to discuss such things.
> Discussing Oracle plans is something only Oracle can do, so asking
> about those on a development mailing lists doesn't work out.
> As for more general things, even including adoption of the technology,
> that may be more or less related to actual development, there are
> other, better, places, for example FOSDEM and JavaOne are just two of
> the various conferences that generated great and very useful deal of
> discussions over the years.
> If you care about participating in a constructive manner, you should
> check those out, really. There are other channels, too. For instance,
> the Adoption Group is a great place to start asking questions. No, not
> questions like what Oracle is planning to do with XXX, you won't find
> answer for those there, but you'll be directed in how to contribute,
> and contribution means also discussing in a constructive manner (this
> can also have the form harsh criticism at times, btw, as long as is
> not gratuitous).
> That said, it has happened in the past, and will certainly happen in
> the future, that some questions that touch areas perhaps less round
> regarding the actual development like interest is specific means of
> integrations or specific issues about adoption, etc... find a place of
> discussion here. This is not how generally works, because this is
> about development, but it's understandable in a living Community to
> also take *some* discussion at that level.
> The problem here is another one. First, insisting when somebody have
> been asked, politely, to stop, and the second and most important is
> the manner of presenting ones idea, by hijacking a purely development
> oriented thread with random and totally unclear questions, attempted
> sarcasm and just lots of negativity. A thread, btw, that asked the
> Community suggestions how to proceed regarding the removal of rather
> unused code, so instead of having a constructive participation in a
> technically oriented thread, the thread was hijacked with harsh
> resentment both on and especially off-list resulting in just a missed
> opportunity if you ask me.
> Just to conclude, there are just too many layers before our voices can
> be heard by who makes decision, if we start off by screaming chances
> are that our messages will never go through, instead ranting and
> offending only has the effect of lowering ones credibility, so if you
> fall on this side, even with the best intentions, your "contributions"
> will likely end up nowhere.
> Please, let's try to be constructive, there is a place and a time for
> everything.
> Cheers,
> Mario
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