Looking forward to JavaFX 9!

Tomas Mikula tomas.mikula at gmail.com
Tue Jun 14 17:33:44 UTC 2016


I'm sure the JavaFX engineers are the first ones who wish that Oracle
invested more resources in JavaFX. Therefore I'm afraid that the anger is
targeted at the wrong crowd here.


On Tue, Jun 14, 2016 at 8:52 AM, Felix Bembrick <felix.bembrick at gmail.com>

> OK, I have learned my lesson - I will be careful to be strictly on-topic
> and very well behaved in this post.
> So, I would simply request if someone could please provide a complete list
> of all the NEW features that are either planned or possibly going to be
> included in JavaFX 9.
> Being totally committed to this awesome toolkit, it's obvious that I am
> extremely excited about all the amazing new features that ISVs like us will
> soon be able to use to produce world class software! I can't wait!
> Obviously, WebGL is a given as are programmable shaders and they will most
> certainly be very valuable. Naturally TableView will be completely
> rewritten, a 3D Canvas is a must and it goes without saying that the
> rendering pipeline will also be totally scrapped and rebuilt to use the GPU
> and actually be made performant enough to move more than 2 or 3 nodes
> around the screen at once.
> I am even clinging on to the slim hope that my lifelong goal of writing a
> modern version of Pong (which I will call Smell) will finally be possible
> with JavaFX.
> Clearly JavaFX 9 will "just work" out of the box on iOS, Android and VIC
> 20.
> I am sure I don't even need to mention the features everyone is already
> aware of like  official high performance versions for embedded devices and
> the IoT.
> Obviously a game engine will be included along with an advanced physics
> engine and built-in support for monetisation on all those mobile platforms
> it will run on.
> And It goes without saying that not every method in every class will be
> marked final (finally).
> The features I am looking forward to the most though are of course the
> JavaFX Asset Store, the animation editor and, especially the highly
> anticipated JavaFX Watch.
> But other than these features which most people already know about, what
> are all the other new exciting features?
> I know everyone is busy so how about you just rank the top 100 and we can
> do our homework to identify the 500 or so..
> Anyway, congratulations to Oracle executives for really getting behind
> their flagship product and investing the millions of dollars it has taken
> to make such awesome features possible.
> I am sure I speak on behalf of the entire JavaFX community in thanking you
> all for this devotion and enthusiasm and I want you to know just how
> incredibly excited we all are about this extremely significant next release
> and its ability to change the world of software forever!
> Humbly and sincerely,
> Felix

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