JavaFX 9 & FXCanvas

Alexander Nyßen nyssen at
Tue Jun 14 20:16:02 UTC 2016

The Eclipse Graphical Editing Framework (GEF) project as well as other Eclipse project rely on the JavaFX-SWT-integration that is realized through FXCanvas.

We at GEF, however, do not use it out-of-the-box but have created a subclass ( <>) to properly handle forwarding of touch gesture events ( <>) through an internal delegate ( <>), and to add support for image cursors ( <>). Unfortunately, both fixes provided by us require access to internal API and will thus - AFAIK - no longer work with Jigsaw. Forwarding of SWT key events' consumption state ( <>) is a related issue, for which a workaround in client code would require access to internal API, too.

By following this list, I got the impression that it is not completely clear yet, if and how the JavaFX-SWT-integration will be usable in an OSGi context with Jigsaw, so let me at least point out that this is quite essential to us. And while <> is being marked as only „nice-to-have“, at least for us this is not the case, as an Eclipse-integrated graphical application that does not support modern touch devices will not really be acceptable. As such, let me ask whether there is a chance we can get this functionality migrated to FXCanvas as part of JavaFX 9. I would like to support this as far as I can.

Last, I would like to point out that the unavailability of a public API to retrieve the current mouse pointer location ( <>) will definitely become a blocker in case the only workaround (via will no longer work because of Jigsaw. Please consider to include a public API for this within JavaFX 9, even if the related Glass Robot API ( <>) will not be offered yet.


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