Looking forward to JavaFX 9!

philfrei at aol.com philfrei at aol.com
Tue Jun 14 22:23:39 UTC 2016

For what it is worth, a little known but on-topic community about the use of JavaFX in games can be found at java-gaming.org. Most of the members are involved with LWJGL and Libgdx (including founding coders for each), but there is an area for those interested in using JavaFX in games. I'd like to see more participation there. I mention this a place to direct people who turn up here that have issues they wish to discuss concerning JavaFX and game programming.

I'm a JavaFX novice and have just started lurking here. I have a bit of expertise with sound but otherwise am probably not of a skill level where I can contribute here, and will continue to lurk. I did post a modest tutorial at JGO for beginning JavaFX game programming (for Java programmers) and it has had over 50K hits in just a couple months. On the basis of that, it seems the potential audience and community for JavaFX game programming has not been realized.

Phil Freihofner

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