JFX - Running with Jigsaw in development

Kevin Rushforth kevin.rushforth at oracle.com
Thu May 5 15:24:43 UTC 2016

Thanks, Dave.

This is a great step forward and is a necessary piece to enable us to 
eventually move to a later JDK 9 for building JavaFX (we are stuck at 
build 109 for now).

-- Kevin

David Hill wrote:
> We have a new trick in the FX repo to help with running FX apps backed 
> by a Jigsaw enabled build.
> If you build FX with JIGSAW_HOME set to a JDK 9 build later than build 
> 110, then the Jigsaw modules will be generated. These modules can be 
> used with -Xpatch to override the modules in JDK9. Unfortunately each 
> module must be listed separately, and we need a -Djava.library.path to 
> find the built native libraries - a very verbose command line...
> But... recently added to the build, a new file is now created: 
> build/xpatch.args that has all of this for you.
> export JIGSAW_HOME="path_to_top_of_JDK9"
> export JFX_BUILD="path_to_top_of_your_repo"
> alias javafx='$JIGSAW_HOME/bin/java @$JFX_BUILD/build/xpatch.args'
> This alias uses the @argfile mechanism to include all that 
> Xpatch/java.library.path verbosity to create a single command to run 
> FX backed by your recently built binaries.
> Get your Jigsaw enabled JDK9 preview here: 
> https://jdk9.java.net/download/

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