Removal of com.sun.javafx.robot

Benjamin Gudehus hastebrot at
Fri May 13 04:53:04 UTC 2016


yesterday a code change was made [1, 2] which removes FXRobot and the
com.sun.javafx.robot package in JavaFX 9.

>The com.sun.javafx.robot package contains obsolete, unused Prism
functionality that was intended for testing automation. It was superseded
long ago by glass Robot and should be removed as dead code.

Unfortunately FXRobot allows a use-case which is not covered by the glass
robot. In TestFX we use the FXRobot to fire keytyped events that allow to
type arbitrary (Unicode) characters. This solves multiple issues related to
non-english keyboards and special characters and simplifies simulation of
keyboard input greatly. There is also a commercial JavaFX framework that
uses FXRobot to solve this issue; I spoke with the developers a while ago.

If possible, could this change be reverted?



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