Problems with multiple WebView

Matthieu BROUILLARD matthieu at
Thu May 19 09:25:28 UTC 2016

Hi all,

Inside our application we are integrating web applications using JavaFX

We are facing issues when opening several webviews on the same URLs (even
with different parameters).
The states reported to listeners registered using


become totally incoherent.

I have created a simple reproducer test class to demo the issue

The gist contains also different executions results in the 3 tested 'modes':
- multiple views opening the exact same URL
- multiple views opening the same URL with different parameters (html app
- multiple views opening different URLs

Only the later is working correctly.

Did someone already faced that?
I have not found bugs (or only closed ones JDK-8094208, JDK-8129398)
related to that, shall I open one?


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