JavaFX with Eclipse and JDK9

Dr. Michael Paus mp at
Fri May 27 14:04:36 UTC 2016

I recently tried to get a JavaFX application running with the latest EA 
build of JDK9 from
within Eclipse but I failed. Can anybody on this list tell me what I 
have to do to get that
working? I have the latest milestone release of Eclipse Neon installed 
together with the
latest JDK9 and I have also installed the Java 9 Support (BETA) for 
Neon. I also installed
e(fx)clipse if that should matter. The problem is that I cannot access 
any of the JavaFX
packages. I even added a file to the project which 
explicitly requires the
JavaFX modules but nothing helped so far. The JRE System Library only 
contains the modules
which are in the java.* namespace but none of the other modules 
especially the javafx.*
modules and I don't find any option to add these. Did anybody ever try 
this and succeeded?

Thanks, Michael

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