Packager Images for Mac DMG and PKG Backgrounds

Scott Palmer swpalmer at
Wed Sep 7 16:03:55 UTC 2016

I’m packaging a Java application on Mac.  As I want to be able to install it as a service or run it as a regular application, I’m building both a .dmg and .pkg.  I'm trying to use two different custom images for my Disk Image and for my .pkg background.  I can’t seem to make that work.
The packager seems to want a file named “{AppName}-background.png” for both cases.

I’m currently doing this through the javafx-gradle plugin from

The source code for and have constants that indicate:

static final DEFAULT_BACKGROUND_IMAGE = “background_dmg.png”


static final DEFAULT_BACKGROUND_IMAGE = “background_pkg.png”

However my attempts to name files with “{AppName}-background_dmg.png” and “{AppName}-background_pkg.png” did not have any effect. E.g.:

"{dropinResourcesRoot}/packager/macosx/Example Application-background_pkg.png”

doesn’t get used and instead I am told to customize it by placing a file named “Example Application-background.png” in that location:

"Using default package resource [pkg background image]  (add package/macosx/Example Application-background.png to the class path to customize)"

The build process only picks up the file with "-background.png" :

"Using custom package resource [pkg background image]  (loaded from package/macosx/Example Application-background.png)”

I’m running Java 8u102.  I updated my OpenJFX source to that tag and double checked the code and it still has the background_pkg.png constant and it appears to use it on line 358, but something isn’t working properly it seems.



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