Text classes

javafx at use.startmail.com javafx at use.startmail.com
Wed Dec 6 00:36:01 UTC 2017

Sorry about all the typos previously. 

Question- why not use the code in awt ? I am not totally up on what's 
going on with the platforms' native rendering engines ( meaning, I have 
no idea whatsoever) or how they have changed, but golly it sure does 
still work pretty well.

 At least it seems to me looking at awt that a smallish number of 
things are 1) well defined by the native platofrm and 2) would more or 
less translate directly to an Java API and 3) from those small number 
of building blocks, (Font and Glyph metrics and this kind of thing)  
 text line layout algorithms can be written by ordinary civilians along 
with all the other stuff that goes into a text editor. 

And yes, everything does look easy when someone else is going to do 


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