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2017-12-06 9:40 GMT+01:00 John-Val Rose <johnvalrose at>:
> Yes, I obviously need to know if anything I work on or design is going to
> be accepted or is even wanted by the community as a whole, and as early on
> in the process as possible.  Heck, if I had my way, JavaFX would be used to
> build everything from forms to FPS games and highly complex and performant
> 3D visualizations.  And don't say it can't be done in Java - it can.
> JavaMonkeyEngine can be used to create awesome games (for example).

If I understood correctly the change is big enough to need a JEP.
Generally, you need a JEP for new features, new API and big changes.
You don't need for bug fixes and internal refactoring. So, for
instance, adding a new port to the graphics need a JEP.

It's up to the project maintainer to say whether that should be a JEP
or not, though.

> Plus, I have never "done" a JEP but I believe it's quite a long and
> involved process (?)

Well, that doesn't mean you can avoid it ;)

I did work only with the two previous drafts of the JEP, but the
latest draft is a lot quicker (simply file a bug report basically).

The JEP is detailed here:

The second link is the current version, the first link is for
reference since this is where the process should be detailed, but
hasn't been merged yet.

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