Innovation again (was Re: Text classes)

Laurent Bourgès bourges.laurent at
Fri Dec 15 10:38:03 UTC 2017

Dear all,

Chris mail motivated me to answer too.

*** For *your* situation, what is JavaFX, how do you want it to evolve and
what does it mean to you? ***

I am developping for 10 years scientific desktop apps with Java Swing  (+
Java Web Start).
As our users are mostly using linux & macOS, we only require JDK 6 !
(old linux distributions had only openjdk6 by default)

Of course we could switch our code base to jdk8 soon as user stats reports
that 90% have it.

Using JDK8 would let us adopt JavaFX lately ... for its nicer widgets & 3d
plots (star models) but we could also use third-party libs for 3d plots
(orson charts).

My main concern is about the future of Java Client (2d / JFX)...

For science, python is the main language so we are outsiders and users
complain about Java updates... if JavaFX is no more in the mood, we will
not adopt it in future �� as our service is offered for 10 years min ...

Finally I invested a lot of my own time improving the OpenJDK/JFX AA
renderers (Marlin) and had the chance to work with Oracle gentle persons on
its integration in jdk9/10.
My own experience proves that good FOSS & external contributions have their
place in the OpenJDK projects.
Let's the community get more involved to contribute patches to these

The main issue is sustainability:
- who will maintain / review patches (only few people) ?
- what funding for the community (meeting, conference, travel costs) ?


Maybe I really am "Robinson Crusoe"...

PS: I feel like the last jedi
(coding legacy AA software renderers while others use Gpu)

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