javadoc changes [was: openjfx-dev Digest, Vol 73, Issue 25]

Kevin Rushforth kevin.rushforth at
Fri Dec 15 21:39:25 UTC 2017

[fixed subject line]

The freeze for the last planned integration prior to RDP2 will be on 
1/15/2018 (end of the day Pacific time), so this is the deadline. RDP2 
starts on 1/18/2018. See the jdk10 project page [1] for all JDK 10 dates.

I hope to fix at least a first pass of the build instructions to get rid 
of obsolete or incorrect instructions, and get something usable for each 
platform next week (before the Christmas holiday in the US).

As for javadoc changes, are these simple changes to the text that you 
will propose? If so, it might be something we could add to JDK-8188314 
(Fix typos in FX API docs) or maybe a follow-on, in which case you could 
just send diffs or email comments to attach to the JBS issue. Or is it 
something else you had in mind? Anything much beyond simple javadoc 
fixes should probably wait for the next release, but that still leaves a 
fair bit of room for improvements to the docs that can still go into 10 
if you are of a mind to to do it.

-- Kevin



Nir Lisker wrote:
> Kevin,
> I wouldn't mind pushing javadoc changes into 10, but don't have 
> OpenJFX built yet as I'm waiting for updated instructions on that. Can 
> you tell when is RDP1 ending and when is it planned to update the 
> build instructions so I'll know what my time window is?
> Thanks,
> Nir

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