Build failure on missing ant-javafx.jar

Adam Granger adam at
Sat Dec 16 04:50:05 UTC 2017


	When performing an OpenJFX build from hg tag 8u131b11 the build fails

	    > Execution failed for task ':apps:appsJarLinux'. 

	    > The following error occurred while executing this line: 

	     >   /tmp/build/rt/apps/samples/build.xml:14: The following
error occurred while executing this line: 

	     >   /tmp/build/rt/apps/samples/Ensemble8/build.xml:158:
Problem: failed to create task or type

	I’ve traced this to the build expecting to find  the JAR
"${platform.home}/lib/ant-javafx.jar" however platform.home is set to

	I'm using a vanilla openjdk on Centos 6.8 as my boot JDK which does
not contain any JavaFX parts - this matches the build instructions
which state

	    "The OpenJFX build requires a Java JDK 8 that does not have
the JFX jar present. The build scripts check for this condition, and
will refuse to continue if it is found"...

	Surely this is a chicken-and-egg situation…. The OpenJFX build
shouldn’t expect that the boot-JDK already contains JavaFX parts?
Instead the build should use the ant-javafx.jar file that it built

	Apologies if I've misunderstood this. Other than that I've found the
OpenJFX pretty good and well documented, thanks to all involved.




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