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Sat Dec 16 13:53:11 UTC 2017

Created a github page with a  wiki anyone interested is invited to 


I am interested to be able to do hit testing on Text for the purpose of 
writing a rich text editor, among other things. 
On Saturday, December 16, 2017 5:47 AM, Abossolo Foh Guy 
<guy.abossolo.foh at scientificware.com> wrote:
> Hello,
> * Does it means you're interested to port swing/text package to 
> JavaFX ?
> If the case, I will integrate your community to participate.
> * This debate is a true problematic,
> ** First, "Do it yourself" !
> I recently posted a message about MathML support in JavaFX. MathML
> display is broken since 2015. This is the same response : if that's a
> priority for you, you can do it by yourself :
>>    "If you are interested in seeing that this bug get fixed
>>    sooner, then I might suggest that you consider contributing a fix
>> for
>>    this bug youself."
> ** Secondly, how to participate in this project ?
> Ok, but my experience was not the best in hacking OpenJDK by myself.
> Without several supplications and an active sponsoring of an Oracle
> Engineer my patch would have never be pushed in the OpenJDK. My 
> reponse
> to Kevin message :
> "I already contributed to openjdk specific bugs for the same reasons 
> you
> give me. An issue in the swing/text package. My patch was posted in 
> 2012
> and accepted in 2017 for JDK9. It hasn't been a great experience for 
> me.
> I'm working on Math notation support in swing/text package.
> And the day that I also try to work with JavaFx ... the MathML 
> support
> is broken !
> I'm really interested in seeing this bug fixed.
> That's why, I first contacted F. Wang from Igalia who worked on 
> MathML
> integration in WebKit because I thought that it was a WebKit issue. 
> But
> he answered me that it's probably a bug in OpenJFX because in others
> WebKit based applications, all works fine. He suggested me to post a 
> bug
> report. Thus I made a look to the bug database and discovered that 
> it's
> an old issue. This issue doesn't disappear with the new WebKit 
> version
> in JavaFX.
> And now, I'm trying to contact Murali to know what I can expect in 
> the
> future releases.
> I would be happy and proud to fix this issue but there is no
> documentation about WebKit integration in OpenJFX.
> I hope Murali will add a comment about he plans to look at this."
> ** Finaly, I don't know ...
> Murali added his comment in the bug report last week : MathML support 
> is
> not a priority. What I 'll have to do now ? No response !
> I hope not offense anybody with my bad english. I'm a pretty
> constructive person.
> Best regards.

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