JDK-8147476 Rendering issues with MathML token elements (Message for Murali Billa)

Abossolo Foh Guy guy.abossolo.foh at scientificware.com
Sun Dec 17 08:01:03 UTC 2017


About the comment in JDK-8147476 :

* First, I tested webkit with Safari on OSX and IOS last versions in an 
Apple Store and with my Ipod. The screen captures confirm F. Wang 
(igalia) conclusion about the status of WebKit (Removed for the list).  
The display is pretty good. I tested these applications with Mozilla 
MathML Torture Test 
and the link posted in the bug report .

* Secondly : About Chrome, MathML support in Chrome is in progress :
May 2017 : https://twitter.com/regocas/status/869871891628126209
Novembre 2017 : https://mathml.igalia.com/
It seems that Google and Igalia had reached an agreement.

* Thirdly : Who knows that JavaFX support MathML since 2015. No 
reference in your documentation and in the MathML w3c website (Software 

Best regards.

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