Building OpenJFX.

Kevin Rushforth kevin.rushforth at
Tue Dec 19 21:17:11 UTC 2017

Building WebKit is challenging, to be sure. I hope to enlist the help of 
some of our WebKit team members to review (and contribute to) update 
build instructions to help make it a little less painful, but it is 
still a challenge.

As for the moving version of gradle, we so far have settled on a 
specific version for each release family: gradle 1.8 for JDK 8u, 3.1 for 
JDK 9, and 4.3 for JDK 10. We don't tend to bump it.

Thanks for the feedback.

-- Kevin

Mario Torre wrote:
> For me the most intricate part is about building the webkit based
> code, especially on RHEL/CentOS. I admit I didn't try with the very
> latest code drop though. The moving version of Gradle is also an
> issue, since we try to use a stable toolchain on those OSes.
> Cheers,
> Mario
> 2017-12-19 21:11 GMT+01:00 Phil Race <philip.race at>:
>> In the "innovation" email thread it was suggested that one obstacle to
>> getting involved and contributing to OpenJFX is just building it.
>> So what are the top one or two pain points with building OpenJFX today ?
>> - Insufficient or out-dated build docs ?
>> - Tool-chain configuration problems - platform-specific or otherwise ?
>> - Needing to do a JDK build as well (JDK 9 and later) ?
>> - Something else ?
>> And having identified your pain point(s), what do you think would be a
>> solution ?
>> -phil.

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