Testing your JavaFX applications on JDK 9

Tom Eugelink tbee at tbee.org
Sat Jan 14 20:26:42 UTC 2017

On 11-1-2017 20:14, Kevin Rushforth wrote:
> As you may know JDK 9 has hit the feature extension complete milestone [1]. We still have a small number of weeks to fix P1-P3 bugs, but we need to know about them in order to fix them. Our focus will be on bugs that are new in JDK 9 (regressions).
> I ask all JavaFX developers to please download JDK 9 early access [2] and test your application. You can report any bugs via bugs.java.com [3]. If you have any questions about whether a behavior is a bug or is expected, please ask on this alias or on the jigsaw-dev alias [4]. 

Not sure if I'm allowed to ask here because it is a Gradle problem, but since JavaFX is also build using Gradle: I'm not even getting JFXtras to start compiling with Gradle 3.3 because of:
/"java.lang.reflect.InaccessibleObjectException: Unable to make protected java.lang.Package[] java.lang.ClassLoader.getPackages() accessible: module java.base does not "opens java.lang" to unnamed module @aa1f72z"
/Probably related to: https://issues.gradle.org/browse/GRADLE-3565

Having a basic understand on jigsaw and decent google skills I've gathered that this is a module configuration problem, and that it should be solvable by adding to gradle.properties:
/org.gradle.jvmargs=//--add-opens java.base/java.lang=ALL-UNNAMED

/But alas...

Any pointers?


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