measuring time to render in javafx

Selim Dincer wowselim at
Fri Jun 2 08:18:03 UTC 2017


I am looking for a way to measure how long it takes for JavaFX to render
something graphically. Say I change the text of a label, then this will
schedule a new pulse. How can I now actually get feedback when the
rendering is done?
In swing I guess I could override the paint or paintComponent methods. In
JavaFX I found a hacky way in which I supply a Canvas with my own
implementation of NGCanvas and then override the impl_createPeer() method
to return my implementation.
However this is surely not the way to go and it will break in 9 :-)

What would be the preferred way of doing this in JavaFX?

Viele Grüße
*Selim Dincer*

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