Deadline for FX fixes for JDK 9 + FX 10-dev repo opening soon

Kevin Rushforth kevin.rushforth at
Tue Mar 7 00:11:07 UTC 2017


We are in the final week of bug fixing for JDK 9 prior to RDP2 [1]. All 
bug fixes targeted to JDK 9 must be done this week prior to the last 
integration for the RDP2 build.

If you have a safe (low-risk) fix for a P1-P3 bug, or a fix for any 
priority (P1-P5) test bug (label == 'testbug' or 'noreg-self') or doc 
bug (labels == 'noreg-doc') you can push it to FX 9-dev once the review 
is done with no additional approval needed, as long as it is pushed 
prior to the deadline.

The deadline for getting FX changes into 9-dev for the RDP2 build is 
*1:00 am Pacific on Friday, March 10*. Practically speaking this means 
you need to send the review out by Wednesday, March 8 afternoon Pacific 
unless it is a trivial fix and you can arrange for someone to review it.

No changesets should be pushed to FX 9-dev after the March 10, 1:00 am 
Pacific deadline without explicit approval, which will only be given for 
"must-fix" bugs. Bugs that are not "must-fix" should be deferred to JDK 
10 if they will not make the deadline.

I plan to open up the OpenJFX 10-dev repo later this week. Initially 
this will be for bug fixes that were deferred from JDK 9 and are not 
release stoppers. Stay tuned for more details.

-- Kevin


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