review: Generate bss for all css files, remove TODO

David Hill David.Hill at
Thu Mar 30 18:38:26 UTC 2017

On 3/30/17, 1:57 PM, David Grieve wrote:
> The question I have about this change is, do you necessarily want all of the css/bss files that may be in that directory in the dist? If someone adds a css file in the future, should it be a conscience decision to put it into the dist?

Certainly a valid question, and one that was answered "yes", at least so far.
We already as shipping the .css files but only converting some of them.

This change means we ship the bss to go with them.

The gradle code block can easily tolerate the addition of exclusions if needed.

The other part of the question was if we even should ship the .css files a all and css2bin. To shorten a long conversation, continuing to do so allows widget developers access to them, access we have no other standard way of providing.

> On 3/30/17 1:50 PM, David Hill wrote:
>> Jonathan,
>>    please review this change automating the CSS to BSS conversion in our build
>> The list of 6 newly converted files as well as the existing ones are in the JBS.
>> So 9 existing plus 6 new = 15.
>> webrev:

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