Resend - Major issues FXCanvas on Win32 with HiDPI

Tom Schindl tom.schindl at
Tue Nov 21 12:17:33 UTC 2017

[resending because image in original mail is blocked]


Emebedding JavaFX on a HiDPI-Windows computer is producing incorrect
results on Java8 and Java9 - see screenshot to attached [1].

I see the following issues:

- If swt.autoscale is on (top-right) the Font-Size is invalid
  and eg. context-menus pop up at the wrong location
- If swt.autoscale is off (top-center) the JavaFX
  embedded scene as it should be and conext menus open at the right

  But this is not an option as other SWT-Areas who use the GC the don't
  renderer appropriately

- If swt.autoscale is on sizes look ok but the embedded scene is blurred
  and eg context-menu is at wrong position and has the wrong font-size

- If swt.autoscale is off (bottom-center) the scene is too small but
  context-menu is at the wrong location

I filed this as [1] but I'm
writing here because I can not explain the difference between Java8 and
Java9 and where I should start looking for a fix.

I did not find anything in the mercurial history explaining that change.
How likely is it that a changes in JDK9 to fix the problems with
FXCanvas get backported to Java8?



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