Resend - Major issues FXCanvas on Win32 with HiDPI

Kevin Rushforth kevin.rushforth at
Tue Nov 21 13:13:17 UTC 2017

Hi Tom,

There were several Hi-DPI fixes that went into JDK 9. One of them was 
done as part of new API that was added, so that part cannot be 
backported, but other changes could be if a safe fix were found.

As for finding the problem, the following bugs relating to Hi-DPI and 
interop, and fixed only in 9, might be worth looking at: (this is the main one)

-- Kevin

Tom Schindl wrote:
> [resending because image in original mail is blocked]
> Hi,
> Emebedding JavaFX on a HiDPI-Windows computer is producing incorrect
> results on Java8 and Java9 - see screenshot to attached [1].
> I see the following issues:
> JDK8:
> - If swt.autoscale is on (top-right) the Font-Size is invalid
>   and eg. context-menus pop up at the wrong location
> - If swt.autoscale is off (top-center) the JavaFX
>   embedded scene as it should be and conext menus open at the right
>   position
>   But this is not an option as other SWT-Areas who use the GC the don't
>   renderer appropriately
> JDK9:
> - If swt.autoscale is on sizes look ok but the embedded scene is blurred
>   and eg context-menu is at wrong position and has the wrong font-size
> - If swt.autoscale is off (bottom-center) the scene is too small but
>   context-menu is at the wrong location
> I filed this as [1] but I'm
> writing here because I can not explain the difference between Java8 and
> Java9 and where I should start looking for a fix.
> I did not find anything in the mercurial history explaining that change.
> How likely is it that a changes in JDK9 to fix the problems with
> FXCanvas get backported to Java8?
> [1]
> Tom

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