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Sat Nov 25 23:40:42 UTC 2017

Hi, This is a question about the future of Text under Javafx.

Very briefly, Swing provided access to everything a dev could need in 
order to write a rich text editor from scratch. LineBreakMeasurers and 
HitTesting and everything. 

In JavaFX these things are not directly available to the dev and 
anyway, to the extent that they are, they cannot be used to write a 
rich text editor..

There are many classes needed involving the measuring of glyphs and 
text lines etc etc etc which would be needed for anyone who wanted to 
write their own rich text editor. They exist, but are under sun.com and 
given the modularization of Java 9 are truly inaccessible to 

I am aware of the existing Javafx controls. I am also aware of the 
efforts available at GitHub and elsewhere to create a rich text editor 
and all of them without exception are handicapped by this same lack of 

I am also aware of HTMLEditor in JavaFX but that 1) commits the dev to 
WebRenderer and 2) still doesn't provide access to the needed classes 
and methods. It's not sufficient to suppose that HTML 5 or whatever 
follows is the answer to all text layout challenges. 

Formerly, Swing had all these missing features available as API and 
many good text editors were created using those APIs.

For the sake of future planning, we really need to know- is there any 
recognition within Oracle that this is something which has to be 
addressed? Is it on any hypothetical roadmap?  Or is HTMLEditor as much 
as JavaFX is going to provide ?

Thank you. 

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