Text classes

Jeff Hain jeffhain at rocketmail.com
Sun Nov 26 20:38:55 UTC 2017

>LineBreakMeasurers and HitTesting and everything. 
>In JavaFX these things are not directly available to the dev and
>anyway, to the extent that they are, they cannot be used to write a
>rich text editor..


Reminds me of this:

Currently working with a lot of UI libraries, I observe that JavaFX is
the only one without an API for font metrics.

It's also the only one that silently uses an undefined fallback font
when the glyph is missing in the specified font, which doesn't allow for
the user to figure out what his fonts are capable of and to choose other
known and more appropriate fonts of his own for the glyphless code points.
It would be great to have a mode where only the specified font is used.

It's also missing an equivalent of java.awt.Font.canDisplay(codePoint)
(as a lot of the other libraries I'm working with).

It would be nice also to make Canvas.snapshot(...) faster (possibly by
allowing for rendering in the JavaFX application thread?).
For now it's so slow that I always take a complete snapshot (which is
not much slower than for a single pixel), and keep track of which pixels
are drawn, to avoid calling it before reading non-dirty pixels.


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