JavaOne slides about Marlin/FX renderer

John-Val Rose johnvalrose at
Fri Oct 13 09:25:29 UTC 2017

Hi Laurent,

You have my full support. I have emailed your privately and believe we can
work together to improve JavaFX in the ways you mentioned.

BTW: MarlinFX is a truly awesome contribution.  Thanks on behalf of the
JavaFX community!


John-Val Rose
Chief Scientist/Architect
Rosethorn Technology

On 13 October 2017 at 20:20, Laurent Bourgès <bourges.laurent at>

> Hi,
> Here are my final JavaOne slides about the Marlin & MarlinFX renderers:
> vaone2017/slides/javaone-marlin-talk.pdf
> You will also get links to my github repositories...
> Please join me in my efforts improving either Java2D or JavaFX
> (performance, quality, better 3D support in JFX) by contributing to the
> Marlin project or sponsoring me working for the java community (OpenJDK &
> OpenJFX).
> Cheers,
> Laurent

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