CSSParser Color.parse() for unexpected CSS properties

Matthew Elliot matthew.james.elliot at gmail.com
Wed Apr 4 14:03:12 UTC 2018

Hi all, (first post).

I was profiling our PROD JavaFX application recently I discovered something
rather peculiar in the CSSParser. (jdk1.8.0_151)

I noticed several hundred IllegalArgumentExceptions on the
JavaApplicationThread where for various unrelated css properties the
CSSParser is trying to parse a color. While the exception is subsequently
caught and swallowed silently doing this hundred of times on this thread is
rather ugly and caused *minor* delays in the application thread.

This happened for alignment, shape, and a few other properties where
no-lookup case was found and it ended on approx. line 900 of the CSSParser


with a value like 'center'; clearly no color.

// if the property value is another property, then it needs to be looked up.
boolean needsLookup = isIdent && properties.containsKey(text);
if (needsLookup || ((value = colorValueOfString(str)) == null )) {
    // If the value is a lookup, make sure to use the lower-case text
so it matches the property
    // in the Declaration. If the value is not a lookup, then use str
since the value might
    // be a string which could have some case sensitive meaning
    // TODO: isIdent is needed here because of RT-38345. This
effectively undoes RT-38201
    value = new ParsedValueImpl<String,String>(needsLookup ? text :
str, null, isIdent || needsLookup);

I had a look in the bug tracker https://bugs.openjdk.java.net/ but didn't
find much in this regard so thought I would post in case it has come up

I saw some of the css properties are from our application and some from
e(fx)clipse which I can raise to Tom Schindl separately if it is a
stylesheet issue, however it would appear that for example -fx-alignment in
a layout VBOX/HBOX component should be valid according to JavaFX docs.

More generally, is it expected that a property such as -fx-alignment should
fall into this else {} catch all case, and why does JavaFX try to parse a
Color by default?

-fx-alignment: center;

Any input much appreciated.


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