gradle :web:test fails

Murali Billa murali.billa at
Thu Apr 5 06:57:17 UTC 2018

Hi Lisker,

+one more point:

I think you are not compiling webkit . The command "gradle :web:test"  picks the webkit dll from JDK (which can have older versions like 10 / 9) .

You can compile webkit  with command " gradle -PCOMPILE_WEBKIT=true  :web:test" and in this case webkit dll will be picked up from your source code repo (not from JDK).


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Hi Lisker,

Can you print  the value of  useragentString ? Looks like you are using fxversion as 11 (you can print this value from  System.getProperty("javafx.runtime.version");) but the useragentstring does not contain 11.

final WebView webView = new WebView();
final WebEngine webEngine = webView.getEngine(); System.out.println(webEngine.getUserAgent()); 

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I'm running :web:test in revision 10889 and getting the following failing

test.javafx.scene.web.MiscellaneousTest > testUserAgentString FAILED
    java.lang.AssertionError: UserAgentString does not contain JavaFX/11
        at org.junit.Assert.assertTrue(

379 tests completed, 1 failed, 12 skipped :web:test FAILED

Is this known?

- Nir

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