Monocle Headless BufferOverflowException (Issue + Fix)

John Neffenger john at
Mon Apr 16 17:25:43 UTC 2018

On 02/23/2018 03:12 PM, Michael Ennen wrote:
> Good point about the OCA, I have sent an email just now to
> John Neffenger. Hopefully he is still interested in this topic :).

I filed the bug report yesterday, along with two others. It was assigned 
the internal review ID 9053385 and has the synopsis, "QuantumRenderer 
modifies buffer in use by JavaFX Application Thread."

The problem happens on the Monocle VNC and Headless platforms, along 
with any other NativeScreen implementation that happens to use a 
non-direct buffer to back the Framebuffer.

I created two short videos showing the problem before and after a fix is 

Before: Waving and Jumping Duke (one minute)

After: Waving Duke (10 seconds)

Thank you,

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