JavaFX dialog window size regression

Sverre Moe at
Thu Apr 26 19:35:39 UTC 2018

I filed a bug report a while back. Since I didn't have access I could
not comment or update in that issue.

With Java 9, a JavaFX dialogs got tiny and did not size up to its content.
This worked fine when I was running JDK 9 build 161, but after JDK 9
build 165 the dialog window did not size up to show any of its

The code exampled I provided with that bug report still produces a
tiny dialog window with both jdk-9.0.4 and jdk-10.0.1

Setting the Dialog size to fixed width/height does not work, but if
with setResizable(true) the Dialog gets its full size.

It has been a while since I have used Java 9. Today I got the same
problem while trying to exit SceneBuilder 9 downloaded from Gluon.

I was wondering if I should re-create this bug report on the GitHub
OpenJFX repository?

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