native libs in modules

Kevin Rushforth kevin.rushforth at
Mon Apr 30 23:07:26 UTC 2018

The native libraries are quite large -- especially jfxwebkit -- and it 
does seem better to have per-platform jar files, at least for the native 
libraries. The following modules could be platform-independent since 
they have no natives:


We would just need to test that the set of modular jar files for each 
platform are the same, and then pick one (Linux?) to use for generating 
the platform-independent jar files.

The following modules have native libraries: (*) (*)

(*) - also has some differences in the set of class files that are 
included depending on the platform

So per-platform versions of the above would be needed to accommodate the 
different native libraries.

If it would help, the .class files could be always included for all 
platforms, but there would be some additional effort to make this work. 
Also, it might be just as easy to have the class files and the natives 
in one downloaded jar file per platform, since at least the natives need 
to be platform-independent. I'm far from a maven expert, though, so I 
don't really know for sure which path is easier.

-- Kevin

On 4/30/2018 9:44 AM, Paul Ray Russell wrote:
>   >I'm not sure I understand the question about platform-specific jar files,
> Last time I worked on native specifics (which was to package up RXTX dlls
> for different OSs / in 64/32 bit) The easiest solution for pure Maven
> builds seemed to be, to package DLLs inside a jar. We then used a profile
> to control which DLL's were grabbed in different cases. And surely for this
> specific case, it would be better to split the native specifics into
> separate jars per OS to avoid a huge cross-OS download?

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